Extend your monitor without having an extra monitor !

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Here, it is described how to install multiple monitors and mange priority among them. How about if you have two Laptops or even one PC and laptop rather than an extra monitor? Consider you don’t have an extra monitor and you can’t afford buying a new one instead you have several unused old laptops in home! Can you use them as an extra monitors?  Yes, there is a simple solution to share mouse, keyboard and even clipboards between them or simply, use one of them as an extra monitor.

If you are the one who is really seeking for a solution day and night, here is the solution. The steps are fully described by our partner here. Just click here and convert your old laptop to a gentle monitor !  In the following videos, all steps are described step by step. If you don’t like the video , then continue reading by pressing button below:.

Convert your old Laptops to extra monitor

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