Sharing Subfolders inside the folders in Dropbox

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Dropbox is very popular cloud service not only for it’s cloud services, for the ability to live share folders between users. You can simply share a folder in Dropbox with many of your friends. How about sharing sub-folders inside a folder which was already shared. It is not supported in Dropbox. Let me explain it with an example.

Assume you have FolderA which contains three subfoldres FolderA1, FolderA2 and FolderA3. You shared FolderA between 5 users and you want to share only FolderA1 between some other users. It’s not possible in Dropboz in the usual way and you can only share a link and send the link to them.

But there is a very simple solution to solve the issue. If you prefer watching steps in a video rather than reading the instruction, skip to the following video.

Go to your Dropbox folder in your computer, Hold Shift and press right click on the mouse. Select “Open command window here”. The cmd window opens. Type following command there (or copy it and paste it in command window using right mouse click):

mklink /J “LinkedFolder” “FolderA/FolderA1”

You can name “LinkedFolder” according to your choice. This command creates a new folder named LinkedFolder and links it to the FolderA1 which means when you enter into this folder, actually you open FolderA1.
Now you can share LinkedFolder with your friends who can access only on FolderA1 NOT to whole FolderA.


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