Solving Gneymotion error on windows 10: Virtualbox cannot start virtual device

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“I wish I could play Clash of Clans on my laptop ! ”
This is the wish I’ve heard many times from my friends and I have to repeat same thing for different persons !

You may haven’t ever heard about android emulator. This is a so called ‘simulator’ for android developers to run and test their applications on a virtual android phone. However, one of its side-effects is more popular than its real purpose, playing android games on laptop or PC. If you are among those who need to install and play your social media apps, your games or any other android stuff on a pc, then you need to install an android emulator.

One of the most famous and powerful android emulators is called Genymotion. Installing Genymotion need a bit knowledge of VM (virtual Machine) and customs roms (in fact gapps) (we will provide a step by step tutorial on how to install custom rom, gapp and android emulator)

This tutorial however shows how to fix a Genymotion error on windows 10 which relates to Virtualbox (VM) cannot be started. Before we start, make sure you have the latest Genymotion and Virtualbox installed and they are UPDATED.

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