Synergy; Solve ipc connection error, connection refused

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Synergy is a famous tool to share mouse and keyboard with at least two systems (regardless of installed operating systems). Although new version is much more user friendly, it might give some annoying errors depending on your operation system. Today, we talk about ipc connection error which leads to refusing connection between systems. If you have this issue, this tutorial (thanks to our partner) is made for you to simply get rid of this error. If you are a coach potato user rather than a reader, a video is also prepared to explain the solution step by step at the end of this article.

First step you need to make sure you’ve already set the firewall and ip/port expectation on both PCs. 2. If yes, but still you receive the error, you have to start the synergy in service tap. In this regard, Open task manager (Alt+Ctrl+Shift or right click on start menu and select Task Manager), go to service tab and find Synergy, right click and press start. Congratulation, you solved the issue successfully. 🙂

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