Use LanguageTool to proofread your context in Texstudio

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Microsoft word is one the best word-processors for every users BUT not the best for expert writes. If you are an everyday writer, trying to write a book, your thesis or even a short paper with formatting hassle free, Latex is definitely your first choice. However, no doubt Microsoft Word has more features such as embedded proofreading which is a lack in LaTeX. Don’t worry, there is a simple solution to overcome this issue.

LanguageTool is a precise proofreader software which can be easily integrated with any LaTeX editor. TeXtstudio is chosen in this tutorial our LaTeX editor. however, this tutorial is valid for all other LaTeX editors, too. TeXstudio is one of the best (or the best) latex editor client which is very popular among latex users. It is based on powerful Texmaker with much more features. In the following video, it is described how to link LanguageTool to TeXstudio step by step.

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