Latest version of AOSiP for Oneplus 2 is released

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Today, the latest official AOSiP rom for oneplus 2 with a bunch of new features has released. you can check the changelog here. To download this awesome rom click here. Don’t forget to download the latest official Open GApps to flash together with AOSiP.

You can check the overall of AOSiP in this video:


-March security update
– Password retention feature
– Fixed theming of QS background color
– Theme tile
– System animations back to 1x
– Screenshot: Fix crash when taking screenshot in partial screenshot view, append app name to filename
– QS tiles: Compass, USB, Music, CPUInfo, Ambient display, AOD
– Sepolicy updates
– 4G/LTE switch
– Charging on/off sounds
– Screenrecord tile updates
– Enabled long-press on power in suspend by default
– Enabled multi-user across all devices
– Made Chinese users happy by switching to old NTP server in China
– Enabled hidden storage manager
– Fixed Trusted Face
– Disabled system theme preferences when Substratum overlays are enabled
– Added package name to installed app details
– Fixed black scrim when turning screen on from AOD
– Disabled doze by default
– Fixed BT audio
– Added spanish translation
– Hooked FAB color to accent & changed its icon
– battery while changing when its inside icon
– Sensor block per-package
– Toast icon and updates
– Updated screenshot tiles with new vectors
– Added custom pref for devices with custom doze packages
– Removed unnecessary recent apps transition
– Suspend Actions
– Added kill button to notifications
– Once per track Music Ticker
– Added Updater app
– Proximity wake toggle for blocking d2tw gestures and FP when prox.sensor is covered
– Disabled AOD by default
– Hidden keyguard shortcuts when quick settings disabled on secure lockscreen
– Battery level on bottom in ambient display
– Changed QS customizer ‘drag to add tile’ string
– New USB category in developer option consisting USB secure connect, toggle for USB dialog and USB default config
– Allow devices to configure sensor location
– Jelly browser updates
– Show clock on left in QS panel if left clock is set
– Ticker scroll

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