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If you are going to send an important and may long email, and you afraid if your audience get tired of reading it, you should think of responsible HTML email. There are lots of documentations about html email and we do not want to talk about how to create one. However, the easiest way is to use online html email builders such as Maiclchimp, Beefree or stripo. It may you have heard about Mailchimp since it is the most famous one. However, there are some limitation such as fixed width (600px) which make you feel trying another online builder.

We’ve heard a lot about an annoying issue in stripo and beefree. Today, we are giving a solution to these issues:


There are lots of complaints about having issue with alignment of html block, We also checked and we noticed the content of this block with be centered even if your code is left alighned! Many poeple asked a solution and the support poeple just mentiones it is not yet supported by Beefree.


Add following code to your html code (paste your own code instead of “place your code here”

<div style="text-align: center;">
    <div style="display: inline-block; text-align: left;">
        Place your html code here



If you’ve tried HTML block to create a signiture, you may notice your icons are not inline instead they are placed in two different lines! It happens because in their standard styles they use display:block and it occupies an entire row.


adding display:block-inline for each picture in html,  <img> tag will solve the issue.


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